Why Buy With Sherry

Ask anyone who has tried to buy a home on their own or worked with an ineffective agent and they’ll tell you that buying a home is a complex, confusing & frustrating process. Now ask someone who has worked with a good Buyer’s Agent, and they’ll tell you about a positive, straight forward, exciting time. Choosing the right Realtor to work as your Buyer’s Agent can mean the difference between a stressful, unhappy experience and the exciting and rewarding experience buying a home should be.

“Buying a home should be an exciting and rewarding experience”

My goal as your Buyer’s Agent is to guide you through the buying process with a patient, no pressure approach. I provide you with unbiased, objective opinions to help you make informed decisions. I aim to make the whole process enjoyable and with the least amount of stress possible. I don’t want to just sell you any home. I want to help you find the right home, in the right neighbourhood, at the right price for you. I am committed to finding you your dream home and always have your best interests as my #1 priority.


Buying Your Dream Home

“We’ve saved some money, we’re thinking about buying a house, where do we start?”

Your first step is to find a good Buyer’s Agent to get the process started.

Buying a home is a very exciting time and having to worry about every step of the process is not something you should have to do. My goal is to ensure that your home buying process is a smooth, almost stress free experience. I have years of experience walking first time home buyers & experienced home buyers through the steps, providing referrals to reputable companies and finding your dream home and negotiating the best price for it.

Mortgage preapproval is your next step. Knowing exactly how much you have to spend means you won’t waste time looking in a price range you can’t afford, or getting your hopes up about homes you can’t buy. You’ll know exactly how much you have to spend and how much room you have to negotiate and can go into offers confident that your financing is in place.

I can provide you with the name(s) of reputable mortgage brokers and lenders to get your preapproval done quickly


“We have our preapproval and know how much we have to spend, what next?”

Once you know how much you have to spend, then it’s time to figure out what your needs vs. wants are. Ie. if your children must be within a certain school district, that’s a need; if you would like a pool or hot tub, that’s a want.

I know the areas and have the knowledge to help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for and where. The needs vs. wants list can be a machine with many moving parts, changing as you look at homes. Don’t worry, I'll adapt as we go to find you your dream home

The ease of communication and accessibility of your Buyer’s Agent is very important. You will no doubt have lots of questions about the process, about neighbourhoods, about various homes, etc.

I am available by phone, fax, e-mail, text and office paging so that you can send me your questions anytime. I will be there for your every step of the way

You’ve no doubt been looking in the newspapers, magazines and online at all the homes, been to a few open houses and are super excited to find your home. You have an idea of what you want, where you want to be, how much you have to spend…let’s look at some homes and find that dream home!

I will be e-mailing you daily with all the new listings for you to consider. I will then arrange private viewings of all the homes that meet your criteria…and maybe even a few that don’t but might be great options you haven’t thought of. I want you to be able to take your time looking at each home and I'll be there every step of the way pointing out things you may not notice (positive & negative)

“We’ve found our dream home…now what?”

The most exciting, and probably the most stressful time is when you’ve found your dream home and want to put an offer in. That’s where a good Buyer’s Agent really proves themselves by providing you with not only unbiased, objective opinions, but also provides you with the most information and facts to help you make the right decision for you.

I research the home, find out what similar homes are selling for, and put a value range on the home and help you determine an initial offer, conditions, inclusions etc. Then I put my extensive negotiating expertise to work for you. Remember, I am looking out for your best interests and my goal is to get you your dream home at the best possible price and terms for you

Most offers include various conditions. Two of the main conditions are home inspection and financing.

Financing – Because you’ve been preapproved you should have nothing to worry about on financing (unless anything has changed in your life since your preapproval – job loss, increase in debt etc.) so it’s just a matter of the lender ensuring the home is worth what you’re paying for it before they give the final approval.

I will be working behind the scenes to supply the lender with any and all information about the purchase they need in order to approve the mortgage for the home, including ensuring the appraiser gets into the home within the allotted condition period

Home Inspection – Whether you’re a first time home buyer or an experienced home buyer, a home inspection should be included in all purchases (new or resale). This is to determine if everything is working & there are no problems that you haven’t thought about or expected.

I will provide you with a list of reputable home inspectors and will accompany you on the inspection. Should there be any problems, I will communicate with the Seller’s Agent and negotiate accordingly


“The negotiations are done, the deposit has been dropped off, all conditions met. 
What do we do now?"


The next step is to find a lawyer who will be responsible for checking for clean title on the home, organizing all paperwork for you to sign (including the financing paperwork, transferring the title etc.) then finally getting you the keys to your new home!

I have a list of reputable lawyers to assist you in finding the right real estate lawyer for you. Once you have decided on one, I will ensure that all the necessary paperwork gets to the lawyer so that you can close on your new home

Congratulations, you just bought a home!

Just because you’ve bought your dream home doesn’t mean my job is done. I am here for you just as I have been throughout the process. You can count on me today, tomorrow and long after you move into your new home. If you have any questions, need a referral to a painter, contractor etc., or for any of your future real estate needs, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for you!